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ZiniTevi App for smart TV

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ZiniTevi app for Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku, Mibox, Android TV

Zinitevi mobile movie app is one of the best alternatives for both paid and free movie and TV Show apps. It offers a large selection of media contents with access to view or downloads them for free. Zinitevi app functions on both Android and Apple OS platforms and can be projected to Chromecast, Smart TV, and Roku, thus widening the Zinitevi app’s scope of operation.

zinitevi app

If you believe you can’t properly enjoy a Movie or TV show on a small screen, you can project Zinitevi App on a wider screen to play your favorite movie or show. You can stream content online or just download it to watch later. On the Zinitevi app, you get access to only the top quality video files which are either HD or FHD. No need to be disappointed with the quality of free videos like in the past. Free or paid you can enjoy 720p or 1080p resolution movies and TV shows.

ZiniTevi Download For Smart TV

ZiniTevi download

Zinitevi support casting facility and this option can be used as an instrument to display whatever you are playing from the Zinitevi app on the big screen. What you have to do is simple: First, make sure your Chromecast device is plugged in and turned on. All your devices need to be connected to the same wifi network. Now, you have to play a movie or show in the Zinitevi app on your mobile.

In the player screen, you may see some icons with different functions. Tap on the cast button located at the top right of the screen. Then, you need to select the device in the list for streaming video from the Zinitevi app to Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Smart TV, Android TV, etc. You can use the app’s casting feature through mobile on any compatible corresponding device. Casting is a facility that comes with all modern TVs which are capable of performing more feats than the dumb TVs of the past.

There is another method to use the Zinitevi app on FireTV. For this, you need to install the Zinitevi app on Fire TV. Below are the steps you should follow to get the service working on your Fire TV equipment.

  1. Scroll to hover over settings from the Main Menu
  2. Click My Fire TV
  3. Select Developer options
  4. Select Apps from unknown sources
  5. Pick Turn on
  6. Go back to the Home Screen, and hover over search icon
  7. You need to type ‘Downloader’ and it shows up under keyboard
  8. Choose the downloader app
  9. Proceed to download by clicking on it
  10. After the process is finished, click open
  11. Now permit access by allowing it.
  12. Click Ok
  13. Next move to the search bar and
  14. You need to type the following URL in the exact form mentioned here.
  15. Press enter after typing the URL
  16. You need to give some time until the file download is finished( It may take up to a minute for the file to load)
  17. Click Install to have the Zinitevi app on your device.
  18. Click done at the end of the installation
  19. The previous step returns you to the Downloader. Click Delete
  20. Delete again
  21. Hold down the home button on your remote and select Apps
  22. Scroll down and hover over the Zinitevi app. Now click the options button on your remote (three horizontal lines). Then select Move
  23. Now you may drag Zinitevi Apk to the top of your apps list and release to drop.
  24. Execute Zinitevi app and give permissions
  25. A text will materialize requesting you to provide feedback, just click cancel to proceed
  26. That’s the end of that! Now you can enjoy the latest movies and tv shows for free on Fire TV

Tip – when you click the play button of a particular movie you may notice a spinning circle. Wait patiently this means that the app is scanning for the best links to give you lag-free movie experience. The adage ‘patience is a virtue’ is relevant here.

The service of the Zinitevi app is impressive. It can incorporate with multi-platforms to give better movies and tv show experience. Just like the paid movie apps with much versatility in terms of their service and functionality, the Zinitevi app is a capable movie and tv show provider. You can use the Zinitevi app with casting or direct installation and view movies and tv shows on a big screen. The Zinitevi is still developing its features and you can expect more stuff soon. Stay tuned with our site to get all the latest updates.

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