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Watch Movies & TV Shows Online Free From ZiniTevi

Zinitevi is a fresh Movies and TV series app for IOS and Android. It is a popular mobile movie app that can function as an alternative for Moviebox. Zinitevi app is free, there is no hidden charge. Movie app lovers find Zinitevi to be in the same league as Moviebox, Mediabox, and Showbox. Using the Zinitevi movie app you can watch and download movies completely free.


The app is fully functional on Apple devices without the need for a jailbreak process. Zinitevi app works on Android devices without root access. Thus, it is compatible with both platforms. As a third-party app that is not published on either google play or Apple Store, you have to download the Zinitevi app installation file separately and fix your android unknown sources setting or Trust setting depending on your device, then install the file in the system.

Apart from the aforementioned Mobile devices, you can use the Zinitevi app to stream videos with Smart TV, Firestick, Fire TV Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, MiBOX, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Laptop, MacBook, etc.

ZiniTevi Download Free

zinitevi download

ZiniTevi App Information

Version1.1.2(ios), 1.1.7(apk)
Filesize16.5MB(ios), 11.8MB(apk)
Catogory Entertainment
SupportiOS, Android, PC

Zinitevi mobile movie app is created to deliver you access to a broad range of media creations. There is a massive collection of Movies and TV series on Zinitevi which are categorized into various Genres. For example, if you want to watch an Action only movie you can just tap on the relevant section of the app, with a single tap you will be carried to countless pages with action movies.

On the Zinitevi app,you can always get filtered searches if you want your movie experience customized. The quality of the visuals of the app can’t be neglected. The Zinitevi app comprises HD and FHD quality videos for both Movies and TV Series. To be exact, you get videos with 720p and 1080p qualityfor free. The best part is the ‘free to watch and download feature’ as you get all the content free without any hidden charge.

zinitevi screenshots

Unlike some other mainstream free movie apps, Zinitevi app doesn’t press you to watch some old movies or vintage content, far from that, it gets regularly updated with latest cinema movies and TV shows so you can watch everything new.

Zinitevi supports both online and offline viewing. If you do not prefer to watch online you can use the download option to save it on your device. In Zinitevi, there are multiple streams with dynamic quality ranges, these can either be Standard Definition and High Definition.

You have much freedom to select your favorite quality and watch movies, you can switch servers if you like. These streaming links can be used to view or download media files effectively. Peruse the below list to know what amazing features the Zinitevi app has to offer for movie lovers like you.

ZiniTevi App Features
  • View Movies and TV Series online or download them for watching offline without internet access.
  • A vast catalog of Movies and TV Shows with regular updates
  • HD quality content (720p & 1080p) for free
  • Multiple media files can be downloaded in the background
  • The app is compatible with Airplay
  • Streamable with Chromecast, Roku, Wifi-sharing, FireTV, Firestick, Smart TV, Android TV
  • The app doesn’t need root access to execute on Android and no need to perform jailbreak to make it functional on Apple iOS
  • Have your own favorite list with a favorite section
  • Save videos to history or watched list
  • Multi-language subtitles
  • You can Sync history and favorite list to the cloud so you do not need to worry about data losses
  • No special Registrations, sign-up process, No need for passwords or Apple ID

Zinitevi will impress you with a simplified and economical interface. The app has cut the nonsense and seems to deliver what the users expect without unnecessary ornamentation. The simplicity is evident in the way the app conveys Movies and TV Series.

Once you open the Zinitevi app, you arrive at the home page, in this page you can see a categorization of movies and TV shows under titles such as Popular Movies, Trending Movies, Popular TV Shows, and Trending TV shows.

Another catchy feature of the Zinitevi app is that it has a section called Top Actors and Actresses. You can click on these celebrities and view the movies and shows they star in. Furthermore, you can enter such media by clicking on them and then either watch or download such content.

ZiniTevi FAQs

Should I pay a fee to watch movies and TV shows on the Zinitevi app?

No, You do not need to pay even a dollar to watch movies on the Zinitevi app. Everything is free on Zinitevi app.

What devices are compatible with the Zinitevi app?

Zinitevi app is functional on any Android or Apple device. Refer the list below for more information.

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. NVIDIA Shield
  3. Android Smart TV
  4. Android TV Box
  5. Firestick, Fire TV
  6. KODI Android Box
  7. Fire Cube
  8. Android Smart Watch
  9. Ruko
  10. Android emulators

Emulators can be used to run the app on Windows and Mac OS systems

How to get Zinitevi app on my iPhone?

There is a separate installation file for iOS that you can download and install on your Apple Device. Refer our iPhone installation guide for more information.

How safe is Zinitevi movie app?

You never need to worry about the security of the app. All the links you get through this app are reliable and secure. The server links found in the app are trusted ones. There are no virus, malware or any other malicious programs.

How to Download Zinitevi?

Check our direct download links amply provided on this site.

Do you need a VPN for this app?

You can use Zinitevi either with or without a VPN. If you are concerned about your privacy and security you can use a VPN along with this app. Simply connect to the VPN and launch the Zinitevi app.

Is Zinitevi Ad-Free?

Advertisementsare the only way the app developers rely on to cover various expenses related to the maintenance of the platform. Zinitevi movie app has ads but they are not as obtrusive as the ones found in most free movie sites. You can easily ignore them and continue watching. You can consider them as the only form of compensation for whatever video content you watch or download.

Is there a Zinitevi Paid Version?

Currently there is no premium version you can purchase. The app comes without any registration or sign-in requirement. Once installed, the user can directly access all the movie and TV show content.

What sign-in options does the platform contain?

If you are a Trakt user you can use the Zinitevi app to incorporate its service. When you are using Trakt service for the first time through the app, you get a URL to authorize the access with a prompted code. A time limit is also given with the indication of expiry. Get authorized before the timer runs out (you have plenty of time)

Is Zinitevi movie app Legal?

Using the Zinitevi app is perfectly legal. The app is similar to other movie apps such as Mediabox, Moviebox, Showbox, etc. They all follow similar legal procedure.

You can always depend on Zinitevi as a great alternative to other movie apps. In case you find other apps to be tiresome as they are not simple in their interface you can try this one. You will be tempted to use it more as you can navigate and interact with it easily.

After the home page of the Zenitevi app, you find a search page where you can locate movies and shows by typing their names. It is the app’s in-built search engine. The search bar of the Zinitevi app is located at the top of the app and below on the same page, you find clickable Genre tags. Two separate genre sections are there for both Movies and TV Series.

They include all popular genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, comedy, crime, documentary, News, Reality, soap, Talk, War & Politics, etc. The third page is where you get important segments like Settings, Downloads, and Sign-in Options, Watched, and favorites.

ZiniTevi Alternatives

When you search in the browser, you can find a lot of alternative movies downloading apps, but here we mention a safe alternative app for your mobile or pc. Moviebox Pro is the most popular movie app, it has free and VIP version. MediaBox HD is another cool movie app for download movies. It is also compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.

Under the settings tab, you get version information of the Zinitevi app, link to the developer site, sharing facilities, channel subscription and feedback and bug reporting. The Download section of the Zini tevi app has two parts named Downloaded and Downloading. Below the Downloads segment, you get a sign-in option with Trakt service. Below these sections are the watched and favorite sections.

You may not see many segments, tabs, and tags opening into many different channels. This is because the developers value the aforementioned simplicity. It doesn’t mean that Zini tevi lacks resourceful content or diversity like other apps, it means keeping only the essentials lead to convenient and comfortable user experience.

Zinitevi has adopted a different approach to deliver content without all the intricacies of a movie app. This you can experience yourself when you are inside the app. When the navigation happens only between three main pages you will fall in love with the said simplicity.


Using the Zinitevi app you access your favorite Movies and Tv Shows within seconds. This browsing experience is matched by the quality and quantity of the videos supplied. Download and Use Zinitevi to know what kind of satisfaction this unique movie app brings to you.

Not many movie apps present users with a clean and clear interface like the one found on the Zinitevi app. The simplicity of the Zinitevi app is its own sophistication. Although the Zini tevi app seems to contain less space for buttons, pages and countless sections inside it, the app contains a load of movies and shows, unlike any other similar app.

Zinitevi app is certainly a worthy substitute for paid movie apps, especially if you are tired of browsing through them with endless panels and sections. Through simplicity, it unfolds High-quality videos that are perfectly watchable on android and apple devices.

You find movies and shows of all genres suiting all types of tastes. With Zini tevi you can discover all your favorite video content easily. Although the app seems to be simple, it contains all the necessary filters to customize the experience of your movie exploration. We highly recommend you taste the Zinitevi app without further delay.