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How to Install Zinitevi on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Xbox Streaming – Is it Possible?

ZiniTevi on Xbox – Some decades ago, we could only expect gaming consoles to perform what they originally designed. A gaming console, such as the Xbox or PlayStation, was Uni-functional and capable of only one task at a time. Flash forward to the modern day, and we are fortunate to witness the caliber of gaming technology with multi functional capabilities. We are talking about the possibility of effortlessly enjoying various useful Xbox features.

zinitevi xbox download

Here we consider the console’s ability to stream videos from third-party applications. We will demonstrate how it is possible to watch movies on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One using the Zinitevi Free Movie App. You only need a few things apart from your Xbox to start enjoying thousands of movies and shows for free.

App NameZinitevi
Version1.1.7 for Android and 1.1.3 for iOS
Last UpdateDec 16, 2021
Size13.4MB for Android and 17.2MB for iOS

Some Facts to Love Zinitevi

Zinitevi is a commendable free streaming app, primarily designed for Android and iOS devices. With its help, you can watch or download movies on your smartphone, tablet, or iDevice. The app is entirely free, with no hidden costs. Streams comprise the latest, popular, trending, and top-rated cinema content. Zinitevi serves users with HD and FHD quality videos even though it doesn’t charge a dollar from your pocket.

This program is safe on your iOS device as you can install and use it without jailbreaking. You also do not need to root your Android device or bypass critical system settings to install it. Zinitevi presents you with a vast library of movies and shows enriched with complex genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Western, etc.

Download Zinitevi Latest Version

Zinitevi Download latest version from here – Zinitevi download

The Winning Features of Zinitevi

  • The app and all its content are completely free. There is no official paid version of the program, so there is no upgrade.
  • Explore and enjoy a catalog of movies and TV shows in HD and FHD quality.
  • You can view online and download movies for offline use.
  • There is no need to sign up or register to use the app.
  • Zinitevi is highly compatible with various devices, including Android TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, FireStick, Android TV, etc.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Movies and shows are appropriately categorized for easy sorting. You can also use content filters and search to quickly locate your favorite movies and shows.
  • The History feature keeps track of your streaming history, whereas the Favorites feature can bookmark your favorite content.
  • You can access subtitles in multiple languages.

Zinitevi on Xbox – Impressive Combination

Combining Zinitevi with Xbox will be an exciting experience for you on your Smart TV’s big screen. Here, we use Xbox as the streaming player to connect to your Smart TV device. The app Zinitevi functions as the software client or the host to access all content. Zinitevi will be integrated and configured for streaming purposes, and the process only requires a few resources.

We will mention the pre-requisites below. You will ask why we chose Zinitevi over any other free movie app. The selection is that the movie app has a minimalist interface with a low ad rate. You can experience direct and unobstructed streaming on your Smart TV via your Xbox console.

Ways to Stream Zinitevi Movies and Shows on Xbox

There are two possible ways to play Zinitevi content on Xbox. We will be looking for these two methods as they are practical and fulfill our purpose. One approach is a little more winding than the other, but it is good to know them both if any inconvenience occurs. We will use third-party apps like Miracast, Airserver, and all connect. Do not worry; these apps are all available for free, and it is not rocket science to work with them.

With this discovery of streaming your favorite movies, you will begin to love the two in one aspect of your Xbox control; the best part is that you can do so completely free with an app like Zinitevi. Are you waiting for the instructions on how to make your Xbox a streaming device? Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Method 1 – How to Install Zinitevi on Xbox 360 and Xbox One Using All Connect

If you follow the below steps accurately, you will be able to download and install Zinitevi on your Xbox without any issue.

  1. The first step is to open the Smart TV and link your Xbox device via the HDMI cable.
  2. Then you have to download a program called All Connect on your smartphone. You can visit the Playstore and get this app directly to your phone from there.
  3. With the conclusion of the above step, you can launch All Connect and scan for the Bluetooth devices nearby to connect your Xbox console. With your smartphone,
  4. Now download and install the Zinitevi APK on your smartphone and launch it.
  5. You may be required to navigate settings and enable downloads from unknown sources for the former step.
  6. When you are done, launch Zinitevi on your mobile. Choose a movie or show and play it. You can select another to play that movie when the content is playing.
  7. Select “All Connect” from there, and your Xbox will be prepared to stream your favorite movies via Zinitevi.

Method 2 – How to Install Zinitevi on Xbox One and Xbox 360 with Airserver

Before proceeding with Zinitevi on your Xbox Console, you have to ensure that you have fulfilled the following requirements.

  • The availability of an Android smartphone or an iPhone with Airplay.
  • Xbox One or Xbox 360
  • Miracast and Airserver applications (instructions for installation will be provided below)
  • High-speed internet access
  1. Ensure that your mobile device and Xbox console are linked to the same Wi-Fi network. This step is crucial, without which you will not succeed.
  2. Using the HDMI cable, you need to connect your gaming console to the Smart TV.
  3. Then, on your console, open the Microsoft Store and search for Airserver.
  4. Continue by installing Airserver on your Xbox gaming console.
  5. Now install the Miracast app on your Android device using the Play Store.
  6. Download the most recent version of Zinitevi APK from the link provided.
  7. As is customary when installing third-party apps, you must enable Unknown Sources in Settings > Security.
  8. Install the downloaded Zinitevi app on your Android device.
  9. Launch the Miracast App from your Android device.
  10. Now, press Connect to connect and pair your Android phone with the Xbox Controller using Miracast on your Android device and Airserver on Xbox.
  11. Launch the Zinitevi App on your Android device and search for the movie you want to watch.
  12. Open the video player and look for using the Miracast feature. You will be able to use Miracast to find devices close to you, and your Xbox console will show up.
  13. Tap on Xbox Console to establish a link between your Android device and Xbox Console using Miracast and Airserver.
  14. With the above step, you will stream the content you have selected through your Smart TV using Xbox. That’s the end of the long approach of streaming through Xbox.

Time for Gaming and Streaming

You get the two approaches to using Zinitevi on your Xbox with all the instructions above. Although we have broken down the instructions into several steps, they can quickly be done without consuming too much time. No, you do not need to be a techie to configure the Xbox for streaming purposes. Gaming and streaming go great together. Now you can unlock the full potential of your Xbox controller and make your time more productive with it.

You can also try Zinitevi alternatives such as Moviebox Pro, Mediabox HD, on your Xbox controller with the same steps we went through above. Sometimes their settings can be slightly different, but you can figure them out. You need to download APK installers from reliable sources as they can compromise your device’s security. We recommend keeping the Unknown Sources option disabled once you have installed third-party apps like Zinitevi.

Zinitevi for Xbox Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Zinitevi safe?

A: Since its first release, there have not been any security issues with the Zinitevi app. The app updates are tested before being published, so it is unlikely that users will encounter safety problems.

Q: Is Zinitevi illegal?

A: The app only collects links from third-party servers and enables streaming through its inbuilt video player. It does not host or claim content ownership, so all legal questions rest with third parties. You will not go to jail for streaming movies and shows on this app.

Q: Is Zinitevi working?

A: Zinitevi had issues that caused it to be split into different brand names, such as CucoTV and AstonCine. However, Zinitevi is available now, and you can pick the alternative if it’s not working.

Q: Is Zinitevi free?

A: Yes, the app and all its contents are entirely free. You will not be duped into purchasing a subscription after installing the app on your device.


Incredibly, you can transform your gaming console into a movie streamer with endless free movies and TV shows. That’s what you can expect when you use Zinitevi on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One. You can play games and watch movies through your Xbox connected to your TV device. You will be able to enjoy most of the Zinitevi Movie app’s features that you indulge in on your mobile device on your Smart TV as well.

The difference is that they are bigger and better. Zinitevi simplifies your movie experience with easy navigation and exploration; you will not encounter any complications when trying to sort your favorite titles. Make sure you get the most recent updates to the software for the optimal performance of the connected apps. You can obtain links to the Zinitevi APK latest version from our site. Do not forget to comment on your experience with Zinitevi on Xbox below.

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